[Tutorial] Play Pokemon GO and Mario RUN on Lineage OS or CyanogenMod

Hi there,

I finally managed to run Mario Run and some other Nintendo Games (Mario RUN, Magikarp Jump, Pokemon Shuffle; including Pokemon GO, which is made by Niantic and not Nintendo) on my Samsung Galaxy Note II with Lineage OS 14.1 / Android 7.1.

Look no further, here is what you have to do :) Unfortunately you might have to reinstall your custom ROM, so backup all your data or enable Google App Data Saving.

  1. remove all other SU tools and SU-hiding apps
  2. (optional) if in the Developer Settings Root Access only shows ADB / Deactivate, you have to re-flash your Custom ROM and GApps
  3. Enable Developer Settings and set Root Access to "Apps and ADB"
  4. Download iSU and install it
  5. Give Root Access to iSU, when you run it the first time
  6. in iSU: change to tab "Controls" and set "Change SU state" to "Deactivated"
  7. in iSU: change to tab "Props" > "Force set all Known props" > "Safe Value"
  8. in iSU: (optional) tab "Checks" > "Safety Net test"
  9. launch Mario RUN, Pokemon GO or whatever needs positive SafetyNet Check
Everything fine with SafetyNet

Time to show bowser, who's the boss.

Have fun :)


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